First-ever report looks at market conditions for 20 careers

What's the job market for auditors in

northern Nevada? What do they make?

How about truck drivers? Tool and die

makers? Registered nurses?

A first-of-its-kind study of occupations

in Reno, Sparks and Carson City

takes a deep look at the outlook for 20

careers, and the study's sponsors plan to

expand its scope to include 60 job categories

during the next three years.

The 2002 Occupational Outlook

Report is designed to be used by

employers, workers considering job

changes, economic development specialists

and school officials, said

Benjamin Larson, marketing coordinator

for Reno-based NevadaWorks.

NevadaWorks sponsored the report,

and its contractors completed the project

which was budgeted at $50,000

for $42,000.

"We can take it to school or community

colleges, and we can now show

them what employers are looking for,"

Larson said.

He said the study also is expected to

be a tool for economic development.

"We cannot have economic development

without workforce development,"

he said. That's an assessment shared by

Chuck Alvey, chief executive and president

of The Economic Development

Authority of Western Nevada.

"The first thing most companies and

site selectors ask about is the work force

and real estate," Alvey said.

The figures in this year's outlook

report will be updated every three years,

Larson said. In the meantime,

NevadaWorks will examine 20 more

jobs next year and 20 more the year

after that.

For each career, the report looks at factors


* The supply and demand for the career

and the types of companies that hire.

* Educational and experience requirements.

* Salaries and benefits for workers with

varied levels of experience.

* Promotion opportunities.

* Recruitment strategies used by companies

in the business.

This year's set of 20 occupations is

weighted heavily toward high-technology

programmers, software engineers,

computer support specialists and

the like. Future studies, Larson said, will

cut a broad swath across the economy.

NevadaWorks is a two-year-old non-profit


How to get the How to get the report

Copies of the 2002 Occupational Outlook Report are free. They can be

downloaded in PDF format from or received

by calling Benjamin Larson at NevadaWorks, (775) 284-1339. The 20

careers studied in the 2002 Occupational Outlook Report are:

* Accountants and auditors

* Bookkeeping, accounting and

auditing clerks

* Carpenters

* Computer and office-machine


* Computer programmers

* Computer software engineers

* Computer support specialists

* Computer system analysts

* Database administrators

* Electronics engineers

* Electrical and electronic

equipment assemblers

* First-line supervisors and

managers of operating

* Heating, air conditioning

and refrigeration mechanics

* Licensed practical and

vocational nurses

* Machinists

* Purchasing managers

* Registered nurses

* Tool and die makers

* Truck drivers

(heavy or tractor-trailer)

* Welders, cutters, solders

and brazers


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