Father of local entertainer loses battle with cancer

Gerald Baley, father of Tim Baley, known for talent in art and playing piano, died Sunday at his home in Carson City after a long battle with cancer. He was 86.

"Gerald was a good man who knew no hate," said his wife, Rosemary.

"It's so hard, it is so hard, but he's at peace. He's with the Lord now."

Tim Baley, 50, was diagnosed as a child with cerebral palsy. He has accepted the death of his father, his mother said, but not without questions.

"Tim had the idea it wasn't going to happen to his dad," Rosemary Baley said. "What really touched me is, after he came home from performing at the Sizzler (restaurant) Saturday night, I told Tim his father was in a coma and he wouldn't be able to talk to us. I told Tim it was OK for him to cry, but he just put his arms around me.

"Then he got this stern look in his face and said, 'Mom, Saddam Hussein kills everybody. He doesn't do any good. Why can't he have Daddy's cancer?' I told him the Lord stands for all of us and if Saddam doesn't believe in the Lord, he has no future. We just have to accept what happens.

"I prayed it would be a wonderful thing if he could go on a Sunday, the Lord's day, in the glory and beauty of the daytime. It doesn't make losing him any easier. It's very hard. We were never separated in the 52 years we were married."

Baley recalled her most amazing perception of her husband -- his voice. He received several offers to sing with famous groups, but turned them down.

"He could have sung professionally, but he chose not to, because of Tim. He said, 'Tim's my son. You're not going to raise him alone.' Very few men would give up an opportunity like that for a child, let alone a disabled person."

"I can't thank the community enough, and the people at the Sizzler," Rosemary Baley said. "Their generosity just blows us away because people really don't know Jerry, they just know he's Tim's dad. Tim's dad's legacy is his life was invested in Tim. My concern now is for Tim."

"The Baleys have been like family ever since they moved here," Haskins said. "Jerry was the most committed and devout Christian man I've ever known, and very educated."

Haskins said Baley served as music director of the church until his health became too bad.


A memorial for Gerald Baley is planned for 3:30 p.m. Jan. 11 at First Christian Church in Carson City. The Rev. Ken Haskins will officiate. At Rosemary Baley's request, Tim will perform selections of both his and Gerald's favorite songs.

A trust account has been set up for the Baley Family at the Greater Nevada Credit Union, account 807037, or donations may be made through First Christian Church; note Baley Family on the bottom of the check.


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