Shannon unseated, three others retained in Storey GID recall

A number of hotly contended issues brought many to the polls for a recall vote in Storey County's Rainbow Bend and the vote was close. Pat Shannon, chairman of the Canyon General Improvement District in northern Storey County, was removed by an eight-vote margin, 136-128.

The three other board members named in the recall, Robert Schnaufer, Marvin Clark and Dave Cockerton, retained their seats by narrow margins -- at the most, 14 votes.

It wasn't a resounding victory for either of the two factions in Rainbow Bend. Storey County Commissioner Bob Kershaw likened the vote to lopping off the weed but not getting the root.

"This vote tells me that people don't know what to do," he said. "Those voting to recall want complete change and those supporting the board members were afraid of change."

Rainbow Bend resident Louise Pena said she was awed by the turnout from the small community of 300 homes in Storey County's river district, but she wishes all board members had been recalled.

"The number-one person we really wanted out was recalled and hopefully we sent a message to the board," she said. "We are the people that can vote them out."

A number of issues have split the community since county commissioners approved the formation of the Improvement District in 1993 . The most recent came when Rainbow Bend's only well began to fail.

"We were told by the GID a month ago that the well was pumping 160 (gallons per minute)," Kershaw said. "At the last meeting, the state hydrologist told us the best we could hope for is 60 gpm. This is not something that we or the county caused. Mr. Shannon did this to himself and the people voted to remove him."

Vowing to continue his efforts, Shannon said the people opposing him have lied repeatedly concerning problems in Rainbow Bend.

"Although they were successful at removing me from the board, I will continue to be very active in community to make sure we get this water system in place," he said. "I will definitely clear the honor of my name. We're not finished with this fight."

The recall efforts were initiated by Rainbow Bend residents Richard McNaughton, Charles Bay and Angie Watt in September and started a series of charges and countercharges.

Pena said she wants the polarity and antagonism to stop.

"This community needs to heal," Pena said. "We're a small community, out in left field by ourselves and we need to get along. We want everything done legally and correctly. We want a properly run CGID."


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