Spotlight on C Hill flag

The C Hill Flag will be in the spotlight for the Fourth of July when organizers illuminate it tonight.

Dan Mooney of the C Hill Foundation said a spotlight, belonging to Strober Searchlights of Minden, will be able to put a circle of light around the flag.

Mooney said Brad Hollander of the company worked with him on the effort to light up the flag.

"I just looked him up in the Yellow Pages under spotlights," Mooney said.

The searchlight weighs 8,000 pounds and has a range of 12 miles, which should be plenty to light the flag.

Hollander and crew will be setting up the spotlight today in preparation to light it up at dusk.

The large flag will be illuminated until 11:30 p.m., Mooney said.

"I have a balcony, so I will be able to go outside and check on it," he said.

The foundation basically exists to maintain the flag, but Mooney wanted to do something special for the Fourth of July.

"We're not really into promotions, yet," he said. "Our goal is to turn it over to the community and let other people do that. Hopefully, other people will step forward and we can stay in maintenance.

The 120-foot by 67-foot flag was completed Oct. 19, 2001, with the help of volunteers and inmates from the Nevada Division of Forestry.


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