A reunion is a reunion

Phyllis Askew can't get back to her native Honolulu to attend her 40th reunion from McKinley High School this summer. But she doesn't want to miss out altogether.

"Lots of people I know can't believe what I'm doing," she said. "But I'm entitled to have my own fun."

Askew called organizers of Carson High School's reunion of the class of 1962 and asked to join their party.

"I thought it was pretty gutsy of her to ask," said Carol DeMar, a member of the organizing committee. "Why wouldn't we let her? The more the merrier."

Askew graduated a Tiger but doesn't think the Senators will be much different.

"We're from the same era," she said. "We listened to the same music and have the same attitudes. And when you get older, you're not too selective. You just hang loose and have a good time."

Forging her own path is nothing new for Askew. She and her husband, Jack, retired and hit the road in 1995 and have lived as "professional RVers" since.

"I didn't even know what an RV was when I was offered the opportunity," she said. "I'm the adventurous type so it was something I was willing to do."

The couple spends most of their time from May to October in Carson City and the remaining months in Southern California or Hawaii.

Askew read about Carson High School's 40th reunion in the newspaper and called to join in the celebration. She also helped decorate for Saturday's dinner and dance and the Pi-on Plaza and will help take photographs of the participants this weekend.


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