City begins summer street maintenance program

Several Carson City neighborhoods will face around $1.3 million in late summer road construction aimed at maintaining city streets.

Construction starts on Aug. 5 on a $99,000 Edmonds Road project that will ultimately lead to an overlay of that street from Valley View to Snyder Avenue in September. Called a foam oil project, residents will notice crews tearing up Edmonds Drive and reusing the material to create a base surface that is as hard as asphalt, said Transportation Manager John Flansberg. He said the finished project will look like a dirt road, but it will be safe for traveling and will create a strong base for new pavement in September.

The Edmonds overlay is part of $868,000 worth of road reconstruction projects starting the last week of August. South Carson residents will bear the brunt of daytime construction as Clearview Drive is slated for complete reconstruction from Edmonds Drive to Curry Street.

Koontz will be repaved from Silver Sage Drive to Curry Street, and a dedicated, right-turn lane will be striped onto the road at the Carson Street intersection. Silver Sage between Koontz and Clearview will be repaved as well as three small portions of roads in West Carson.

Three other type maintenance treatments -- chip, slurry and fog sealing -- will be applied to other roads. Northeast roads in the East Nye, Bowers and Sherman lanes areas and Weise Road in Lakeview will receive a slurry seal treatment -- oil and sand blasted on the road to fill cracks. Chip sealing, a stronger, oil and rock treatment, will be applied to Southeast Carson roads east of Edmonds drive including Gentry Lane and Conte Drive. South Roop Street, Silver Sage Drive, E. Long Street and Mountain Street each will receive a fog seal oil treatment.

The $350,000 sealing work starts in September and will extend the life of the asphalt.

"If you keep them maintained, it's cheaper than repaving," Flansberg said.

While the projects are late for road construction work, Flansberg said a slim construction year netted the city better bids on the projects. City officials had estimated the overlay work, for example, at $1.15 million.

Watch the Nevada Appeal for updates on road closures in each neighborhood.


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