Dogs, cats need new home

It's not B.J. and Princess's fault they're homeless.

The two dogs are owned by an elderly Silver Springs resident, who was recently placed in a convalescent home by state aging services, and she left behind 25 cats -- 15 of them kittens -- and three dogs. Like many seniors who don't plan on being ill, the woman made no plans for the care of her animals. She had found a home for one puppy, but B.J., a 10-year-old silky terrier and Princess, a 7-year-old beagle mix, are left with no place to go.

The Silver Springs Spay-Neuter Project, operated by Tom and Lee Blomquist, received the animals and they are hoping someone is looking for a pet.

"Anyone who's used to dealing with terrier breeds knows they've got quirks; that's why they call them 'holy terriers,'" Lee Blomquist said. "Princess, she's a real sweetheart."

The Blomquists are hoping to keep the dogs together. She said they've taken the dogs to the veterinarian for care their elderly owner neglected. The Nevada Humane Society has donated some food to take care of the animals, but neither the Blomquists nor Lyon County Animal Services is equipped to handle cats.

The cats come in all sizes and colors, Blomquist said, but most are feral and would need a home with someone perhaps looking for barn cats instead of lap cats. The challenge now is local shelters are burdened with kittens, it's hard to find home for a tame cat much less wild ones.

The Blomquists have operated the Spay-Neuter Project since 1996 in honor of their dog, Truckee. They mostly offer to transport animals in need of alteration, and pay for the procedure when their organization has funds.

For information on the dogs or the project, call 577-3518.


For information, call 577-3518.


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