Wind, sun behind us

Using Nevada's abundant natural resources -- wind and geothermal -- to generate power is a grand plan.

One we hope the power markets will one day take hold of full force like Don Quixote took hold of his cleaning business.

For now, we're glad to see an increase in power generating companies seeking permission to operate on another of Nevada's vast resources -- public lands.

In the last two years, 175 applications to use 300,000 acres have been turned in. This is up from 135 applications on 170,000 acres used today.

The lands, couched in federal ownership, whether you agree with the full statehood committee members or not, are a perfect place for commodities that benefit us all.

The generation of geothermal, wind -- and maybe one day solar power -- is a benefit for all Nevadans.

Generation using these resources is becoming more economical and in the future, we doubt we'll be looking for a place to store our spent wind rods, under threat of downwind contamination.

Companies pay royalties for generating power on the lands governed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. This also helps boost the state's coffers, which are in need of a surge as well if you believe Gov. Guinn and his gang.

Though we're not California, Nevada really is a sunshine state and we've got the deserts to prove it.

Maybe one day we'll harness enough of the wind, geothermal and sun's power to put the nuke generators out to pasture -- unfortunately that pasture, it seems, may end up in our own back yard.


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