Ambulance rates up

Carson City ambulance rates are going up 10 percent.

The rates go up almost every year to keep pace with inflation but weren't raised the usual 5 percent last year, hence, the 10 percent raise this year.

However, residents of Carson City, Storey and Lyon counties can save hundreds of dollars by investing in their community's ambulance subscription programs.

Membership with Carson City Emergency Services allows any member of a subscriber's household to be taken to the hospital by ambulance, anytime at no extra cost no matter which of the three counties they are in.

Also, said Vince Pirozzi, emergency medical chief, Medicare recently changed some rules regarding reimbursement and the rates needed to be changed to allow the city to capitalize on that. Medicare, which pays for the bulk of those transported by Carson's ambulance service, traditionally only paid for a basic service rate whether a paramedic helped a patient with a broken bone or one in cardiac arrest. Now, the department can charge more for advanced services and be reimbursed more from Medicare and private insurance.

Pirozzi said he expects the changes to increase revenue to the department, but he said he won't know how much for a few months.

The subscription program allows Carson, Storey and Lyon county residents to be injured in any of the three counties and ride the ambulance to the hospital for the $50 fee.

Pirozzi said around 3,500 Carson City residents are enrolled in the subscription program.


Sign up now for ambulance subscription programs in Carson City and Storey and Lyon counties.

Sign ups in Carson City run through June 30 and cost $50 per household

To sign up: Call the Carson City Fire Department at 887-2389

Sign ups in Lyon County run through June 30 and cost $50 per household

To sign up: Call the Central Lyon County Fire District Office at 246-6209

Sign ups in Storey County run through July 1 and cost $10 for seniors over 55 and $25 for households with residents under 55.

To sign up: Call the Storey County Fire Department at 847-0954


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