Russian judges examine Nevada's court system

A group of Russian judges studying Nevada's judicial system say they are impressed with the respect for individual rights.

"What still doesn't exist in our system is the respect of rights," said judge Nickolay Zhurba. "What we are seeing in this country is the accessibility of the justice system. And respect for people's rights is the basis for relations between the state and the individual."

Judge Zoya Aman added that the American and Russian judicial systems are very different but that examining how the U.S. courts work and how judges deal with various issues has been helpful.

The state Supreme Court was the last stop for the group, brought to Nevada as part of the Library of Congress Open World Russian Leadership program.

Krissy Van Winkle of the Northern Nevada International Center said the group has examined every level of court in Nevada from municipal courts to the Supreme Court and U.S. District Court. They also toured facilities, including the Washoe County Detention Center in Reno.

Dmitriy Seleznev, a facilitator with the group, said the judges seemed particularly interested in the workings of the jury system. He said juries are relatively new to Russian courts.

Judge Ivan Korzhov said there were numerous things the group learned during their tour they hope to apply after returning home.

"We think this system functions very successfully," he said. "We will be able to use the information we obtain in this country to improve our work."

Judge Tatyana Orlova said for her that includes court management procedures.

Judge Aleksandr Kovalchuk said all the information is valuable to them as the Russian judicial system continues to change. He said it was important to visit Nevada to see how the judges here live and work.

The international center is a nonprofit organization which helps facilitate exchanges between Nevada and other countries as well as providing for the needs of international visitors sponsored by both government and private groups.


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