New sign illuminates library

The stubby concrete sign at Washington and Roop street reads "Carson City Library."

A few yards behind it, though, a new sign will say whatever librarians want.

Installation on a 13-foot reader board was completed Thursday.

"We're thrilled to have this sign to help publicize events at the library," said Andrea Moore, library community relations coordinator. "This will give us an opportunity to reach 45,000 people who drive down Roop Street every day."

Carson librarians have been working on the sign for four years, Moore said.

The sign cost $30,000 with parts and labor by Valley Creek Signs.

Money for the sign was provided by the John and Grace Nauman Foundation. The Foundation receives credit just below the reader board.

Moore said she can hardly wait to learn how to program the sign.

"This will be a great way to publicize events at the library," she said. "We can even list books we've received, so if we get the new John Grisham thriller, we can tell people about it on the reader board."

In addition to the reader board, the upper portion of the sign lights up, offering more exposure for the library.

Paul Brodie of Valley Creek Signs said the installation involved burying a data line from the library to the keyboard, but did not require additional electricity.

The sign is located well back from the edge of the street, so it will not have to be moved when Roop is widened.

The Nauman Foundation was founded by Grace Nauman, a former Carson school teacher, to benefit local entities and fund scholarships for local students.

The library sign was one of the foundation's first projects. Each organization designated by the foundation has the opportunity to apply for funding each year to help them meet specific needs.


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