Golf corporation gets another five years

The Carson Municipal Golf Corp. will have another five years at the Eagle Valley Golf Courses.

A controversial decision in 1997, Carson City officials leased the community-owned golf course to a private corporation. The corporation has had its ups -- grabbing golfers in a golf-saturated market -- and its downs -- serious capital improvement needs -- but has succeeded in an area with eight other courses.

"There were some naysayers who said it wouldn't succeed, and you proved them wrong," Mayor Ray Masayko said. "I think we're on the right track."

Carson City supervisors Thursday unanimously approved a second, five-year contract with the corporation.

"The golf course was a heated debate in the community when I came on the board," Supervisor Pete Livermore said. "I was a little apprehensive of the corporation. Four years later, I don't have that sense of apprehension. I think you guys have proven yourselves."

Mark Satler, corporation president, said the golf course has remained successful by giving the community low-cost golf. While many courses faltered from a lack of visitors after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Eagle Valley drew local traffic which helped create a 15 percent increase in golf rounds last year, he said.

The course operates on a $1.3 million budget with little to spare for needed improvements such as a $1.7 million irrigation system. The corporation pays the city $240,000 a year to lease the course.

Supervisors Richard Staub suggested in November 2001 golf officials consider raising rates to deal with a lean financial situation. Satler told supervisors they were looking at rates, but said they had no plans to hike fees at Eagle Valley soon.


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