Letter Carriers collecting food for FISH

Jim McMullen says he gets "a lot of good feelings" handing out food to the needy at Friends In Service Helping.

He always needs more food to hand out, though. McMullen has faith that Carson City residents will come through Saturday with donations to the National Association of Letter Carrier's 10th annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive.

Letter carriers will be picking up non-perishable food items left at mailboxes during their Saturday routes, although they ask nothing perishable or in a glass canister be offered.

All food collected supports local charities, including FISH and Advocates to End Domestic Violence.

"This helps people that need the food or don't have the income to provide for themselves," letter carrier Marvin Heineman said. "For the most part, everybody is excited about doing it. We know it's going to help those who need it."

Letter carriers collected about 16,000 pounds of food in Carson last year, and Heineman said they are hoping to beat that record this year.

"They do a tremendous job every year," McMullen said of the letter carriers. "We can't thank them enough for the effort they put into doing this."

FISH feeds 100 people daily through their family dining room, and food items donated are shared with agencies in Story and Lyon counties, churches and any other "place that needs it," McMullen said.

"We're about helping people," he said. "That's what we're here for."

You can help:

Leave non-perishable food items Saturday by the mailbox for letter carries to pick up in the 10th annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive.


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