Parole board

The following individuals will appear before the Parole Board in June:

Crimes in Douglas County:

Justin P. Burns, sentenced June 3, 2001, for possession stolen vehicle.

Timothy J. Cornutt, sentenced Aug. 7, 2000, for grand larceny of motor vehicle.

Derek L. Ellwood, sentenced Oct. 18, 1998, for trafficking cont. subst., sch. 1, 4-13 gr.

James M. Roach, sentenced June 1, 1998, for burglary.

Samuel R. Shelby, sentenced March 27, 2001, for uttering forged instrument.

David A. Sussman, sentenced Dec. 18, 2000, for attempted uttering forged instrument.

Crimes in Carson City:

Eric G. Adling, sentenced Oct. 19, 2001, for DUI.

Daniel Asera, sentenced Jan. 29, 2002, for theft.

Alvin J. Becker, sentenced Sept. 29, 2000, for DUI.

Matthew L. Chicester, sentenced March 19, 2002, for burglary.

Hal A. Hamlett, sentenced Aug. 10, 2001, for DUI.

Kevin D. Harward, Nov. 6, 2001, for possession stolen property.

Steven Kinford, sentenced April 12, 2000, for possession stolen property.

Nancy L. Lowery, sentenced March 5, 2001, for DUI.

David Meyers, sentenced Sept. 27, 1999, for possession child pornography.

Tovares R. Northington, sentenced Nov. 1, 2001, for DUI.

Thomas J. Osborny, sentenced May 21, 2001, for burglary.

Jeffrey Ryden, sentenced Sept. 11, 2001, for DUI.

Gregory B. Sereika, sentenced Oct. 15, 2001, for DUI.

Ronald J. Vickney, sentenced Nov. 13, 2001, for possession controlled substance for sale, sch. 1 and 2, first offense.

Joseph T. Warhol, sentenced June 19, 2000 for assault with a deadly weapon.

Crimes in Lyon County:

Louis Clark, sentenced Dec. 2, 1996, for robbery.

Robert S. Disney, sentenced Dec. 10, 2001 for grand larceny.

Mishell E. Frey, sentenced Oct. 22, 2001 for uttering forged instrument.

Bill J. Gonzales, sentenced Oct. 29, 2001, for trafficking controlled substance sch. 1, 4-13 gr.

Norman L. Hearold, sentenced Nov. 5, 2002, for DUI.

Joe Moose, sentenced March 12, 2001, for failure to stop on signal from officer.

Warren W. Springsteen, sentenced Oct. 9, 2001, for forgery.

Mac W. Watkins, sentenced Dec. 3, 2001, for possession controlled substance, sch. 1-4, first offense.

Roger W. Wolf, sentenced March 18, 2002, for under influence of controlled substance.


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