No home more than 15 years old will be allowed to move into county.

Lyon County commissioners have approved amending county ordinances to prohibit the installation of homes that were manufactured more than 15 years prior to the application for an installation permit. The change exempts older homes in the county already in use.

In July 1993 the county adopted an ordinance prohibiting homes manufactured prior to 1976. Meeting with opposition from residents and the Nevada Manufactured Housing Association, proposals in 1998 and 2000 to change it to a "rolling" 15-year date were dropped.

County Manager Stephen Snyder said the county has been working closely with the Nevada Manufactured Housing Association and has its support for the recent change.

While no opposition to the change was voiced, Manufactured Housing Association member Jim Snellings asked that the proposed ordinance stipulate pre-1976 homes already in the county not be allowed to be relocated, suggesting the owners be required to dispose of them. He said the restriction would relieve the county of removal costs for abandoned homes.

Assistant District Attorney Steve Rye, however, told the board Snelling's proposal would be a significant change to the ordinance on the board's agenda and would require a reposting of the proposal or a separate amendment.

The ordinance was unanimously approved as proposed and the board will consider drafting an ordinance eliminating the ability to move pre-1976 manufactured and mobile homes from one location to another in Lyon County at the May 16 meeting.

Commissioner David Fulstone said the purpose of the change is a health and safety issue, noting, "This is a major step forward. We have a good ordinance the way it is written."


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