Teacher contract approved

Carson City teachers will receive a 1 percent raise but they may see a decrease in benefits.

After about eight months of negotiating, teacher and school district representatives struck a tentative one-year agreement which school board members approved during the Tuesday meeting.

"It's the best we can do right now," said superintendent Mary Pierczynski. "Times are a little tough."

The 1 percent raise will take effect June 1. Teachers new to the Carson City School District make a base salary of $26,220 with an additional $500 signing bonus. The salary scale tops out at $51,242 before benefits.

Although the talks have been difficult at times, board president Bob Crowell praised negotiating-team members from the Ormsby County Education Association for their professionalism.

"These are not easy times," he said. "But people sometimes rise above the strains and you folks really did."

Gaylea Manning, president of the teachers association, returned the compliment and announced that negotiations have already begun for next year's contract as well.

"We are all in this together," she said. "It is for the better education of our students as well as for the welfare of our employees."

The raise comes with a less stringent wording regarding the insurance coverage allowing funds to be moved around.

The new contract also changes the names of school vacations. Christmas vacation will now be known as winter break and Easter break will be spring vacation.


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