Sun Valley murderer gets new, lighter sentence in retrial

A Carson City woman said prosecutors made a deal with her daughter's killer against her wishes that could halve the amount of time he will spend in prison.

Brandon Allan was sentenced to two life terms with the possibility of parole after 20 years on Friday, saying he was sorry he killed 24-year-old Kellie Parry.

"I do want to give my apologies to Kellie's whole family," he said. "One day, hopefully, you can see how sincere and sorry I am for what I did."

But Parry's mother, Carson City Realtor Gayle Farley, said she doesn't believe Allan's apology was genuine.

"He spoke to the court after his attorneys told him to," she said after the sentencing. "He just still shows no remorse. He really didn't want to apologize."

Allan was convicted in 2000 after he shot Parry, who once dated him, in the back with a .50-caliber handgun. Allan originally was sentenced to two life terms with the possibility of parole after 40 years.

On Friday his sentence was reduced to two life terms with parole possible after 20 years. Since Allan has already served four years, he could be out of prison in 2019 with good behavior.

"I was hoping he wouldn't get anything less than life, and he didn't," Farley said. "Theoretically, he can spend 50 years in prison if they don't give him parole. I can just bet he won't be a good prisoner -- he's not a good person."

As a result of the shooting, Farley successfully lobbied to change Nevada law giving prosecutors the ability to charge aggressors who threaten violence -- without actually going through with it -- as felons.

But even as the law was changing, Allan's January 2000 conviction was being examined by the Nevada Supreme Court, which overturned it in 2002, saying police had violated Allan's Miranda rights during questioning.

Allan was allowed to plead guilty to second-degree murder with use of a deadly weapon because the prosecutor in the case was concerned about taking it to court without the evidence thrown out by the high court.

"People are getting tired of their children being killed by these dirtbags," Farley said of the deal.

Allan had maintained the shooting was an accident.

However, Farley said she will remain vigilant to keep Allan in prison for as long as she can.

"I will be calling the parole board every six months for the rest of my life," she vowed. "As long as I'm living he's not going to get paroled."

Farley said at home, the phone will ring and it's her husband's children calling for him.

She said the phone never rings with a phone call from her child anymore.

"That's how it will be for the rest of my life," she said tearfully.


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