Gingerbread auction raises $301 in VC

The annual Gingerbread Social and Auction raised $301 for Virginia City's Fourth Ward School on Saturday night.

"It wasn't a big turnout because of the wind, but it was a great event," said organizer Karen Woodmansee.

There were seven entries in the gingerbread house contest - four by adults and three by students.

Taking first place in the adult category was Hank Ohlin of Reno. He used red and green foil-wrapped Andes mints for the roof tiles on his house. His Oreo cookie path to the front door helped him win the $150 first-place prize.

In second for the adults was Carl Woodmansee, who used green food coloring to add holiday zeal to his little cabin.

"It looks like the Hulk blew up on it," said his wife, Karen Woodmansee, with a laugh.

She was surprised his house won second over the adobe-and-brick creation of Nancy and Tammy Hinds.

"I wasn't the judge, but if I was a would have flipped those two," she said.

The judge was Virginia City resident and professional appraiser Rick Magistrali - a last-minute volunteer.

In the student category, taking home first - and a $50 savings bond - was the Fourth Grade class at Virginia City's Hugh Gallagher Elementary School. They used Frosted-Mini Wheats cereal to make their roof tiles - frosted side out, of course.

Taking second for the students were Josie and Gabriella Bucchianeri of Virginia City.

In third were Skyler and Daisy Jones, who built a home with a marshmallow snowman. The project was called "Sugar World."

Although the student category was open to kids up to 13 years old, most were younger.

"They all looked to be under 10," Woodmansee said.

The ginger-bread creations were auctioned off to raise funds for the Fourth Ward. Ohlin's house received the highest bid - $100.

The auctioneer was John Beneth in his Mark Twain guise. Don Johnson played classical guitar.

Last year, only the proceeds from the bar went to the Fourth Ward School, Woodmansee said. This year, all proceeds go to it.

Virginia City ginger enthusiast Ginger Brown brought part of her collection of ginger-related artifacts and knickknacks.

"She had a really beautiful display," Woodmansee said.


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