Appraisal fair a surprising success

The Antique Appraisal Faire held Saturday at the Carson City Senior Citizens Center raised about $2,300, said center director Janice McIntosh.

"A lot of items were seen, a lot of items," McIntosh said. "We made $2,300 for the building expansion fund."

At $3 per appraisal, that's more than 760 items brought in to be estimated for value.

"Between David Daniel (from Lightning Auctions) and Matt Young, who was doing orientalia and American Indian items, they appraised 354 items," McIntosh said. "David was really into counting his tickets."

McIntosh said those who assisted her in organizing the event learned a great deal and received requests to hold another appraisal fair in the future.

"The fair was well received. We had all ages bringing in some incredible items -- just incredible. There were a tremendous amount of requests to do this again. Not only from our own seniors, but everyone."

McIntosh said some lines were 10 people deep waiting for turns with the appraisers.

"We had some people bring things in, get the appraisal, then go home and come back with more items," McIntosh said. "People were just thrilled with the appraisals."

The building expansion project is estimated at $2.6 million. The expansion will allow for space for activities of all kinds, a remodeled kitchen and office space.

"Twenty-three hundred dollars may not sound like much, but there are some really important things that can be bought with that money," McIntosh said. "We need the space. We're double-timing all of our activities right now."


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