Nevada gets $36 million from Homeland Security

Nevada has been awarded $36.85 million in Homeland Security funds to train emergency responders statewide and improve terrorism prevention preparations in Las Vegas.

More than $26.3 million was awarded to the state Homeland Security program to provide training, equipment, exercises and planning for first responders across the state.

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said the money can also purchase equipment to help emergency response teams prevent terrorism as well as respond if a terrorist act occurs.

"Funding the capabilities of local first responders is central to our mission of increasing America's preparedness," he said.

That brings total allocations to Nevada for equipment, training, planning and exercises to more than $51 million over the past two years.

In a separate grant, Las Vegas and Clark County will receive $10.4 million for security measures in Las Vegas and Clark County.

The Las Vegas Strip has been identified as a potentially high-risk target for terrorists.

The money is part of an $8 billion fund the department is directing to 50 urban areas identified as potential target areas.

Altogether, Homeland Security has provided $13.1 billion in grants over the past three years.

Ridge, who was in Las Vegas on Monday, said the government is paying attention to specific potential targets as well as high-profile symbolic events coming up this year as the election season progresses.

"With so many symbolic gatherings in the next few months, we must be aggressive," said Ridge.

"These targets of opportunity for the terrorists are opportunities that can't be missed to tighten our security."

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