Tips for Increasing Your Home Security

In addition to a monitored security system, there are a number of other steps you can take to increasing your home's security. Experts recommend the following:

- Contact your local police department to request a free home safety survey. Many departments are willing to send an officer to your home to evaluate your current home security, provide tips and advice on how to safeguard your home

- Keep your landscaping neatly trimmed. Low hanging limbs on trees in front of your home can give burglars access to second-story windows. Overgrown shrubbery not only hides windows from your neighbors, but also can serve as an ideal hiding place.

- Make sure your entrances are secure. Doors should be made of solid core wood or steel and equipped with a deadbolt with at least a 1" throw. The frame should be solid as well, with protected hinges secured by screws at least 5" in length.

- Never leave a set of keys outside of your home! An experienced thief knows how to find even the cleverest of "secret" hiding places.

- Remember to lock up all possible entry points (including windows) to your house when you leave. Statistics show that almost half of all burglars enter through unlocked doors and/or windows.

- Let your local police, as well your alarm company, know when you are going to be away so they can periodically check up on your home.

- Install outdoor lights. Porches, yards, and all entrances to your home & garage should be well lit. Without the cover of darkness, a burglar is less likely to target your home. Motion activated lights are also an effective deterrent.

- If you have an alarm system installed at the home, make sure that your window decals and yard signs are openly displayed. This is your first line of defense against burglars, in most cases they will avoid homes with these signs posted. (FBI study)

- A dog is excellent deterrent to burglary. The sound of loud barking will drive most thieves away from your home

- One of the best additions to a monitored security system is an alert neighbor. Organize a Neighborhood Watch through your local police department. Also if you plan to be away on vacation, ask a neighbor to park their car in your driveway periodically.

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