Committee recommends changes to ease racial tension in schools

Even more important than a list of recommendations the minority task force will present to the Carson City School Board tonight is convincing trustees of the problem, Lisa Grayshield said.

"They have to realize there is a racially hostile environment in Carson City schools," said Grayshield, who represented American Indians in calling for the committee. "There's something very real that's going on that needs to be addressed, and not just on an individual basis."

The committee was formed in November after a group of Indian parents complained to the school board that their children were unfairly questioned after a fight between an Indian and a Hispanic student in September.

The fight brought to the forefront an ongoing tension between the groups.

The committee is made up of school district and school board members, school staff, representatives from Nevada Hispanic Services, juvenile probation and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Parents, students and community members were also invited.

"It's been a really long battle, and there were some discouraging things," Grayshield said. "Ultimately, though, I think it's going to go somewhere. We're more aware of our rights."

The committee will present a list of 12 recommendations to the board, which include the development of proactive race-relation programs and the adoption of a comprehensive nondiscrimination policy.

The board will also decide tonight whether to revise its policy governing deputies in the schools to make it mandatory that a parent or another adult is involved when a student is questioned.

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What: Carson City School Board meeting

When: 7 tonight

Where: Sierra Room of the Community Center, 851 E. William St.


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