Assemblyman's daughter sentenced to drug court

A 30-year-old Indian Hills woman was sentenced Monday to Western Regional Drug Court for possession of methamphetamine for sale.

District Judge Michael Gibbons told Tiffany Dawn Hettrick it would be "catastrophic" if she resumed drug use.

"If you do come back, the court could send you to state prison," Gibbons said. "You've started drug court. You're doing well so far."

Hettrick, daughter of Assemblyman Lynn Hettrick, R-Gardnerville, was arrested Feb. 18 in the middle of a drug transaction at her Indian Hills home. As a consequence, she paid $100,000 to Douglas County in lieu of the forfeiture of her property.

"Tiffany is doing extremely well," said her lawyer, Tom Susich. "She suffered an enormous penalty for being caught in her home. She had to pay a huge amount to the county. I think she certainly learned her lesson. She won't be back."

Hettrick said she knew drug court would be difficult. It is an alternative to criminal prosecution for some defendants convicted of drug-related crimes. Qualification depends on the severity of the crime. In some cases, a drug-related offense can be expunged from the offender's record.

Lynn Hettrick said Monday he was pleased with her progress.

"She's doing very well. She got a job. She's working hard in rehab," Hettrick said. "She'd be the first one to tell you she made some mistakes, but that's in the past. It's a tough row to hoe, but right now I have got to give her credit for doing the right thing."

Tiffany Hettrick and housemate Brian Cooper were arrested after Cooper was involved in a $12,000 theft from the Carson Country Market in Indian Hills.

Officers traced Cooper to the home on Opalite the two shared and found Hettrick in the middle of a drug transaction. She pleaded guilty to possession of 12 grams of methamphetamine for sale.

Prosecutor Derrick Lopez said Hettrick was cooperative following her arrest.

"Ms. Hettrick's conduct post-arrest played a huge role in her sentencing recommendation," Lopez said. "She expressed remorse and told us who'd done what. That assisted in the conviction of two and possibly three co-offenders. Whenever we have needed her, she's come forward and been honest."

Cooper received a six-year maximum sentence in Nevada State Prison which was suspended for five years. He also was sentenced to drug court and ordered to pay back $6,980 of the money taken.

A third co-offender, Kimberly Maddox, 20, was given a suspended sentence Monday and placed on three years' probation.

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