DMV fines Internet Auto Sales

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles levied a $5,000 fine and plans to suspend the sales license of Reno-based Internet Auto Sales for three days after investigators said they found violations of state law.

John C.

Stephens,who does business as Internet Auto Rent and Sales, requested a hearing to challenge the department's action.A hearing date has not been set.

According to the notice, the used-car dealer improperly issued a dealer's report of sale, failed to satisfy an outstanding security interest for a trade-in and furnished false information to the department to obtain a title.

That means, says DMV spokesman Tom Jacobs, the dealer issued a bill of sale prior to the completion of vehicle financing; it took a vehicle in trade with an existing lien which it failed to pay; and it changed a vehicle title from the customer's name to the dealership's name.

It was the fifth documented violation for the dealership regarding dealer's reports of sale in less than three years and the second violation for failing to satisfy an outstanding security interest in less than a year, the DMV said.

The dealership was fined $2,500 for each of the current violations.

The three-day suspension came from "an obvious and willful failure to comply with the provisions of the motor vehicle laws of the State of Nevada," according to the violation notice.

Several calls to Internet Auto for comment were not returned.


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