Parody of the Appeal

I knew it had to happen. There is now a site, offering an alternative voice to that expressed here.

Years ago, I tried to talk the powers that be into registering that name and starting our own self-parody site, open to everyone to poke fun at us. Let's just say those in charge at the time didn't have the same sense of humor I had.

The site's mission statement reads: "This is a gathering place and blog for opinions and news in the State of Nevada that the mainstream press has refused to print. So if you have an opinion or wish to opine - send us your thoughts and comments.

It also states: "...every voice has a right to be heard. Enjoy!!!"

Couldn't agree more. No city should have only one voice. We allow many voices to speak from our pages from the far left to the far right and many tangents in between, and we welcome any others who want to pipe in.

So far, the site is limited to a narrow, conservative viewpoint, but we'll wait and see if that changes to include "every voice."

Of course, if this new player is to keep it up, he or she might want to refrain from using the copyrighted photo in our logo, and stop stealing copyrighted material from the Las Vegas Review-Journal's editorial page.

Good luck,


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