The following people were booked into the Carson City Jail. All suspects are innocent until proved guilty in court:

• A 51-year-old server from Carson City was arrested at 2:45 a.m. Wednesday in the 800 block of East Musser Street on suspicion of misdemeanor failure to appear on two traffic citations. Bail was set at $242.

• Amanda Ragan Hunt, 24, was arrested at 11:50 a.m. Tuesday in the 4200 block of Fergerson Ranch Road on suspicion of felony fugitive from justice and parole violation. No bail was set.

• John Paul Dagbay, 24, a lube technician from Carson City, was arrested at 10 a.m. Tuesday on suspicion of four counts of felony forgery. Bail was set at $30,000

• A 25-year-old laborer from Carson City was arrested at 7:39 p.m. Tuesday at Carson Street and Hot Springs Road on suspicion of misdemeanor possession of marijuana and contempt of court. Bail was set at $1,329.

n Deputies responded to the following calls:

• Three juveniles were arrested Tuesday for allegedly setting grass on fire in the 2000 block of Bunch Way at 11:48 a.m.

• A laptop, jewelry and tools were stolen from an address in the 3000 block of Green Drive sometime within the last week.

• A teal bike was seen in the same spot on Pinebrook Drive for two days.

• A green 1996 Pontiac Grand Am was stolen from Lakeview Hill sometime Monday.

• A ladder was stolen from a Nevada Appeal photographer at the Fifth Street roundabout about 1:50 p.m. as he was preparing to take a picture of after-school traffic. When the photographer called out to the driver of a pickup truck seen driving off with the ladder, the driver drove around the roundabout again and offered a middle-finger salute to the photographer. The photographer snapped a photo of the truck, including license plate number, as it headed west on Fifth Street. A report was taken by deputies.


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