Inmate missing after furlough

An inmate at the Carson City Jail failed to return to custody Saturday after he was allowed a 72-hour furlough to be present for the birth of his child.

Steven Marc Chan, 29, began serving 150 days in jail July 26 for violating probation on a drug charge. He requested a furlough, was given permission by the sheriff and left the jail Wednesday.

Lt. Clay Wall said Chan signed an agreement to return from his furlough on Saturday at 3:30 a.m.

"The Sheriff's Department considers the birth of a child to be an exceptional life experience and believed that Mr. Chan should be allowed to share in that experience," said Wall.

Chan was a trusty for the jail. Wall said on the day he was supposed to return, he called to ask a jail sergeant for an extension and it was denied.

"He had been a good, reliable inmate. We allowed him access of the administrative building to do details. It shocks me. This was important to him. This was important to us, and he let us down," Furlong said.

"We gave the furlough for what we believed were the right reasons with the least risk. For this to happen, it makes you sit back on your heels and rethink. We never would have thought he'd walk way like this."

A warrant for felony escape has been issued for Chan.

He is described as 5-feet 10-inches tall with short brown hair and green eyes. He has a green tattoo of Chinese symbols on his right shoulder.

Anyone with information on Chan's whereabouts should call Carson City's non-emergency dispatch at 887-2007. If someone sees Chan, he or she should call 911, said Wall.

-- Contact reporter F.T. Norton at or 881-1213.


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