Ethics complaint against Assemblyman Perkins dropped

A Republican activist's complaint that Democratic Assembly Speaker Richard Perkins illegally suppressed results of a sexual harassment investigation involving another Assembly member was dismissed Tuesday by the state Ethics Commission.

A two-member panel of the Ethics Commission found that "just and sufficient cause does not exist" to warrant further consideration of the election-season complaint from Dan Burdish, said Stacy Jennings, the commission's executive director.

Jennings had recommended dismissal of the complaint, filed with the commission the day before the Nov. 2 general election, saying Perkins, D-Henderson, couldn't suppress the report dealing with Assemblyman Mark Manendo, D-Las Vegas, because it was a confidential document over which he had no control.

Burdish contended Perkins would benefit if Manendo defeated his GOP opponent, Kris Munn, but Jennings said Perkins didn't stand to benefit from either suppression or public release of the report.

Since the complaint was filed, Perkins and Manendo were re-elected. In late October, Burdish circulated a flier calling for Perkins to publicize the investigation into Manendo. At the time, Perkins said he didn't act on the report because it provided no conclusive evidence.


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