Modesto manufacturer set to move operations to Sparks

Modesto-based Fan Fi International will relocate its operations to Sparks to take advantage of Nevada's friendly business climate, says President Travis Hawkins.

Fan Fi International, which does business as ETL and Resource Action Programs, purchased a 74,148-square-foot building at 976 United Circle and will begin moving in October, Hawkins says. The company, which will relocate 27 of its 40-person staff, is expected to complete the move by the end of December.

Hawkins says the company's lease of 40,000 square feet in Modesto had expired, and new lease terms proved unfavorable. So he decided to move the company to northern Nevada.

The larger facility allows the company to expand and add additional employees. The company expects to hire at least 20 workers over the next 12 months in positions including administrative assistants, marketing specialists, sales, production, and shipping and customer service reps.

"Right now we are growing pretty fast," Hawkins says. "We probably will grow at least 10 people per year, if not more.

"This new building is taller and double the square footage, so we have got enough room to grow for the next five years," he adds. "And it has 50 percent more office space as well."

The two companies under the Fan Fi umbrella perform very separate functions. ETL has two product divisions: Oxygenics, a line of water-saving shower heads; and Secure Logic, a line of wall vaults to secure valuables or firearms. Resource Action Programs, the green portion of the company, conducts energy and water conservation programs for schools and communities.

Mike McCabe, senior vice president of the Colliers International industrial group, advised Hawkins on purchase of the building. Hawkins says the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada helped the company in its transition by providing vendor contacts and helping employees' spouses find jobs and get information on schools.


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