Dayton documentary receives red carpet treatment at debut

"Dayton, Nevada: Pure Gold," a documentary about the history of Dayton, made its red carpet gala debut gala last month to a host of local dignitaries.

The public premiere is scheduled to take place during Oodles of Noodles, May 14 and 15, with location to be announced.

The idea for a documentary came about thanks in part to local historian and journalist Laura Tennant's passion for the community's history and her work to preserve it through the Historical Society of Dayton Valley.

"We had talked about doing this with H & A Productions, to tell the rich history of this area and Carol (Bauer of The Misfits) called to see if I wanted to be a part of this," Tennant said.

The Golden Days of Dayton LLC was formed, comprised of Tennant, Bauer, Geraldine Doyle, Dr. Tony Edwards, Mark McGyver and Kay Thornburg, who are the show's executive producers.

H & A Productions is based in Reno and is owned by four-time Emmy award-winning director Sheldon Altfeld and award-winning producer Temma Keatan-Hammond. Both have had extensive and distinguished careers in the film industry.

The crew shot for nearly two days in the Old Schoolhouse Museum, which is home to the historical society, as well as getting aerial shots, shots at Odeon Hall capturing the dramatic work of The Misfits Theatre Group and the segments featuring Bauer and McGyver.

"I was blown away by the history of the town ... I mean, who knew?" Altfeld said. "Dayton has in fact been established as the first settlement - finally - there's the history of Chinatown, just so much history that (precedes) the town."

What began as an idea for a "webisode," grew into something that its creators believe may be picked up by PBS and made into a 13-part series addressing additional aspects of the town's history.

"We captured a lot of old atmosphere that is old Dayton," said Keatan-Hammond. "The people are very proud of being Daytonites and Steven (Saylor, local artist) couldn't quit talking about how wonderful it is."

Steve Whiteside, who grew up in Dayton and is now a member of The Misfits, serves as the perfect guide and narrator, throughout the film.

The original music score for "Pure Gold" was written by Marsh Broucher, who has won international awards for his work.

"The music captures the spirit of the story perfectly," Altfeld said. "The number one goal of creating this is that it's entertaining and presented in a way that everyone will enjoy.

"And the personal thing is that the quality of the program be exceptional; we never want that to be an issue."

The film delivers an entertaining story, touching on very early history and even explores its role in Marilyn Monroe's last film, "The Misfits," filmed locally and for which the local theater company is named.

It underscores not only the history of the town, but the people who built it and those who are familiar today.

"I would love more than anything that we could open the doors for all of Dayton to attend this gala, but we are limited by seating," said Bauer. "Since this is by invitation only, we will make the film available to everyone during Oodles of Noodles."

For more information about The Misfits, visit misfit To purchase a copy of "Pure Gold," call Carol Bauer at (775) 246-9622.


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