Former LV Assemblyman Williams still owes on fines

Former Assemblyman Wendell Williams of North Las Vegas is again getting letters from the secretary of state's office demanding that he resume making payments on his campaign violation fines.

Elections Deputy Scott Gilles said a letter had been sent by certified mail to Williams' address after he failed to respond to a regular mail notice that he is in arrears. He said the office has not yet received a return certificate on that Nov. 1 letter.

"We're not going to let him slide on his obligations," said Gilles. "We're definitely not going to turn a blind eye to this."

In June 2003, Williams was fined the maximum - $15,000 - for failing to file his campaign contribution and expense reports for the 2000 election cycle. Every candidate for office in Nevada is required to file three separate reports each election cycle. Failure to do so can bring a maximum $5,000 fine for each report.

He agreed to pay off the fine at the rate of $100 a month and has made some progress in reducing the debt.

But according to the secretary of state's office, several periods of up to six months have elapsed when no checks were received. This latest letter was sent because, according to the records, he hasn't made a payment in nearly two years and still owes about $9,500.

Williams, a Democrat, served 18 years in the Assembly and was head of the Education Committee in his final session, 2003.

At the time, he was facing sharp criticism for not only failing to file campaign reports but for other conduct. A warrant was issued for his arrest in July 2003 after he failed to appear for a citation charging him with aggressive driving. That led to the discovery that he had driven for 19 months on a suspended license. He paid the $600 fine after stories about his fine and warrant were printed in the Nevada Appeal and Las Vegas Sun.


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