Letters to the editor, April 20

Ayres, Paslov in Obama's pocket

I read with interest the commentary about Nevada Appeal columnist Dr. Eugene Paslov, written by Gary Thompson in your March 25 edition.

Mr. Thompson stated: "Paslov masquerades as an intellect who claims to know all the facts about the political landscape. The truth is, he is a left-wing liberal." Mr. Thompson made several points, describing Paslov as a European socialist. In my opinion, Mr. Thompson hit the nail on the head.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a letter to this paper. My comments were similar to Thompson's. My last statement was, "Paslov leans so far left, he should have trouble standing."

Mr. Thompson, have you ever heard that you cannot anticipate the stupidity of an educated dummy?

In the April 5 paper, Paslov is on his high horse about the possibility of the City Center Project going to the voters instead of being decided by our elected supervisors. With the amount of tax dollars involved, maybe it should be put to a vote, especially in these lean times.

When I read the articles written by Janice Ayres and Paslov, it looks like they are both in Obama's pocket. Ayres is constantly trying to scare seniors that the Republicans are going to decrease their benefits.

Ms. Ayres, since Obamacare was passed, our Medicare supplemental out-of-pocket premiums have increased 230 percent. Our plan administrator told us the raise was in anticipation of what Obamacare is going to cost them. So much for taking care of the middle class and seniors.

Gary Metz

Carson City

Obama has divided us, not united us

I didn't vote for Barack Obama, but when he was elected, I remember he promised to bring us together. So I looked forward to that.

Instead, he has spent the last three years campaigning incessantly and dividing us and warring against different factions in every way - rich against poor, old against young, black vs. white, labor against the private sector, men against women, business against labor, church vs. state, public opposed to private.

Evidently, this is a strategy for re-election, but the damage to our unity is pernicious. A Lincoln he is not!

Margery L. Scott

Carson City

Note to Romney: Look at Sandoval

Mitt Romney, the probable GOP presidential nominee, might hit a home run with Brian Sandoval, a former federal judge who was elected Nevada's first-ever Hispanic governor two years ago.

Sandoval has also been state attorney general, served in the Assembly and been chairman of the gaming commission.

The Silver State is a bellwether state.

Bill Byrnes



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