UNR's Online Executive MBA program builds on strengths

Today's business leaders face increasingly complex responsibilities, demanding extensive knowledge of all functional areas of business. They must continually maintain and enhance their managerial and leadership capital. To advance, they must acquire new skills and broaden their management perspective.

To better serve and create access to advanced educational opportunities for professionals, the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno began offering an Online Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) in the fall semester of 2011. The first cohort included 13 professionals from California, Las Vegas and northern Nevada, who bring extensive leadership and academic credentials to the program. Word of the program has apparently spread quickly, with 26 professionals from six states, Australia and Dubai accepted for admission into the program this fall as the second cohort.

The Online EMBA Program builds on the existing nationally ranked part-time MBA program at the University. The part-time MBA program is currently ranked fourth in the nation and second in the West by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the most prestigious source for ranking of business schools.

The courses offered in the new, 36-credit Online Executive MBA Program are taught by the same faculty who teach the courses in the part-time MBA program. The instructors are well-connected within professional circles and have national and international recognition in their areas of expertise. The Online Executive MBA provides quality, flexibility, reputation and cost competitiveness, and is one of a very few such programs offered by top-ranked programs in the country. Some of the features that are making it appealing to professionals include:

* The courses are entirely online.

* The program is cohort-based, and each cohort will be completed in two years.

* Courses are taught by faculty with significant professional and academic background.

* The program meets the accreditation standards of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the highest attainable level of accreditation in business education.

* The program is entirely self-funded with a fee of $2,000 per course, or $24,000 for the program.

* There are no residency or immunization requirements.

Applicants interested in enrolling in the program are required to have a bachelor's degree and significant professional work experience, among other requirements.

The program includes a blend of theory and practice, providing a general management emphasis. Students take 21 required core credits and choose 15 breadth credits from specialized areas of business, such as public policy, branding or information technology.

Throughout the program, students are challenged to identify and solve real-world problems by applying theoretical knowledge and managerial skills. The objective of the program is for the graduates to acquire the skills needed to:

* lead organizations,

* apply knowledge in new and unfamiliar circumstances by having a conceptual understanding of relevant disciplines, and,

* adapt and innovate to solve problems, cope with unforeseen events, and manage in changing and unpredictable environments.

One of the biggest challenges in today's economy is acquiring tools for career adaptation. A good Online Executive MBA candidate should have an understanding of what "career adaptability" means being prepared to experience employment changes, as well as moves to different fields and areas of expertise, just to survive in today's business environment.

Kambiz Raffiee is associate dean and director of MBA programs at the University of Nevada, Reno College of Business. For information about the online Executive MBA program, or the on-campus part-time MBA program, contact him at raffiee@unr.edu.


What students are saying

What students in the first EMBA cohort, about to start their second year in the program, have to say:

"The UNR EMBA program has allowed me to execute my life-long goal of achieving a graduate degree while managing my responsibilities at work and home. Concepts learned in the program add value to my skill set with relevant and immediate application to my current career. While flexible, in terms of the web-based format, the courses are incredibly challenging and I feel that UNR provides a quality program customized to the business education for students of all academic backgrounds in order to benefit a variety of industries and sectors."

Tracey K. Gray McDonald,

Outreach and Marketing Consultant


"The UNR EMBA program has been the perfect medium through which I and my company have been able to learn and grow during these harsh economic times. Being a student of the EMBA program has not only allowed me to lead my company to a sustainable future but has also given me the legitimacy as a business leader to guide and direct our operations effectively. As an employer, I have found the skills and confidence I needed to handle complex situations that before seemed confusing and intimidating. I would recommend this program to any company or potential student who cares about investing in human capital and leadership and who wants to see direct results in their company's ability to maximize profits."

Matthew Gardner,

Executive Officer, Marketing and New Product Development,

Quality Plastics Inc.


"The EMBA program has exceeded all of my expectations by combining a comprehensive program, expert faculty, and sophisticated technology that delivers the best of both worlds: Web-based learning and the tradition of the University of Nevada, Reno. I chose this program because it was designed for working professionals, and would allow me to manage the rigorous demands of higher education without compromising the responsibilities of my career. I have been very impressed with the curriculum and the incorporation of various interactive, internet-based learning applications, including live video, audio, recorded class proceedings and data sharing. I have been able to apply my learning each and every day in my current role at Renown. I would strongly recommend this program for anyone that is looking to advance their career."

Mark Behl,

Director of Group Practice Operations

Renown Health Reno

"It has always been one of my goals to attend graduate school, and I decided the UNR MBA program was the program I wanted to attend. A few month's into my GMAT studying, I was informed of the new EMBA program at UNR; and having the opportunity to receive the same instructor expertise of a nationally ranked program is incredible, and an opportunity I couldn't pass up. As a mother, a wife, and a fulltime career woman, the flexibility of the program is wonderful, and affords me the opportunity to earn an EMBA degree, while staying focused on my family and career. The online structure is different, but easy to get used to. It's wonderful that all aspects of the program are online, from the lecture, class discussions, and assignment submission, to the proctored exams, the online flexibility is boundless. Being almost halfway through the program, I can honestly say I feel as if the instructors really care about each individual student, our success in their course, and being able to apply the information from their class to the professional environment. The Instructors' support and encouragement help me succeed in their classes, and definitely in the exciting new career opportunities to come."

A. Lilliana Camacho-Polkow

Junior Accountant,

Bently Agrowdynamics



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