Letters to the editor, June 15

Preserve our history by preserving prison

With the closing of the Nevada State Prison, what is its future?

Will it go by way of the old V&T Roundhouse: another vacant building, home for the homeless, or a place for drug addicts to congregate? Will it be torn down and forgotten like the Roundhouse? It upset a lot of Carson City residents when it was left as a vacant lot. Too much of Nevada's history has been destroyed.

A citizens group in Carson City known as POP (Preserve Our Prison) is trying to save this 150-year-old building and preserve it as a museum. A museum would draw tourists to the capital city, which could mean an additional jump-start for our economy.

The Carson City Cultural Commission will meet at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Carson City Convention Center, 1900 S. Carson St. # 100. They will discuss the prison's future. All interestedpersons are urged to attend this meeting.


Carson City

Service dog needs surgery; can you help?

My name is Cindylou; I was a victim of a hit-and-run by a 18-wheel diesel. I have had 14-plus surgeries to rebuild my face. I still need one more surgery on my face and just had my shoulder done, and my left hip is next. I am blessed with a service dog, a German shepherd named Henry. Henry has saved my life twice when I have stopped breathing, by pulling me down the hall to my husband and then by running to alert my husband that something was not right. My whole face is prosthetic and done at Baylor University in Texas and by Dr. Gray here in Gardnerville. Henry recently got hurt getting out of the vehicle and requires surgery to repair his left knee. If I cannot get the surgery, he cannot continue to be my service dog; he will not be able to walk! I need help, and Henry needs help.

If you feel it in your heart to help Henry get his surgery, I would really be grateful for any contribution. Contribute directly to Sierra Veterinary Hospital, 1477 N. Saliman Road, Carson City, NV 89706 (775-883-0261). The cost of the surgery is $2,600. I would be happy to provide any proof necessary. Please help me get my partner back in service. I cannot put into words the bond that we have. I am sole provider of my family, temporarily on worker's comp, and my husband is disabled. Please help me help Henry walk.

Cindylou Kibbe

Carson City

Paslov takes low road in assigning blame

In his recent op-ed, Gene Paslov would have you believe that Republicans are responsible for every rotten thing ever perpetrated anywhere. As confirmation, he cites a commentary by Norman Ornstein (whom Paslov calls a conservative) and his co-author, Thomas Mann, a Brookings Institute scholar. In fact, Ornstein is the pet liberal at the American Enterprise Institute, where he sits as a guest scholar. Paslov cites this column because it confirms his narrative. Republicans/conservatives are bad ... liberals/progressives are good.

When you are a pundit, such as Ornstein, particularly in an administration contrary to your purported view, it pays to be a heretic. It pays well. The rules are easy: 1) Become associated with a movement or party; 2) Criticize said movement or party; and 3) Repeat. From commenting on Al Franken's radio show to a recurring gig as a "conservative" opinion on every Tom, Dick and Harry channel on TV, Ornstein has sold his opinions for a few pieces of silver. His is always an easy smackdown comment on the GOP.

Polarization thrives in this current environment. Despite his words to the contrary, Paslov chooses to bash Republicans at every opportunity. It is not a surprise that we are so divided when he equates half of the electorate to Mussolini and the words with which he paints the GOP - "neo-con," "tea party," "Fox News." Classy, Gene. Classy.

Cheryl Blomstrom

Carson City


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