JOIN first Nevada site assessing national job credentials

Carson City's Job Opportunities in Nevada (JOIN) office has been designated the first certified training and testing site in the state to administer national work readiness credential assessments.

This national standards-based assessment is for entry-level workers and provides a universal, transferable standard throughout the country for work readiness, according to Lynda Gotelli, JOIN Carson City branch manager for the non-profit office at 1925 N. Carson St.

"Now more than ever, Nevada's businesses need a strong skilled work force to overcome today's challenges," she said.

The national work readiness credential (NWRC) is based on Equipped for the Future learning standards, which were created as part of the National Institute for Literacy's 10-year standards development initiative.

The goal is a national certification process that affirms job seekers have demonstrated knowledge and skills necessary for successful performance as entry-level workers.

The program is certified by the National Work Readiness Council. The training, testing and assessment certification process was developed by business firms, chambers of commerce, educators, unions, training professionals and state workforce investment boards in founding states, as well as by Junior Achievement Worldwide.

The units involved were in the founding states of Washington, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, as well as in Washington, D.C.


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