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Obama doing whatever he can to be re-electedLet’s see if I have this correct (liberal or regular Democrats feel free to add your insight). Through some mysterious process any references to God or the fact that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel were removed from the Democrats party platform. President Obama learned of this (how he could be unaware wasn’t explained) and called up the Democratic National Committee and said that they needed to make corrections. (Afterall, he needs the Jewish vote and those who believe in God.) Because changes to the platform needed to be approved by the delegates, they had a voice vote of those who happened to be in attendance at the time. Three voice votes were taken and it was clear for anyone with ears that at the very least the vote was 50/50.The mayor of Los Angeles just happened to be the poor schmuck who was presiding over the convention at the time and he had no clue on what to do. A party “hack” told him he had to make a decision and let the chips fall where they may, so he declared that two-thirds of those present and voting had voted in the affirmative, even though that was nowhere near correct and the platform was amended. Is this really the party that you want in charge of our country for the next four years?A party that would ignore the “voice of the people” in their own party and ignore how they voted just to get re-elected?David KnightonCarson City‘We are what we chose to become’Mr. Dealy’s letter of Sept. 2 argued that homosexuals are products of their genes, but half of those who profess that lifestyle would disagree, telling him that “We are not genetic mutants. We are what we chose to become.” Geneticists would not necessarily oppose that position. Why? Genes are physical chemicals that produce physical traits, such as the color of our eyes, hair and skin, our height, facial features, potential diseases and other physical attributes. Genes do not stand alone to form the total person whom we are. We are forced to consider environmental factors as associated “wild cards” in that equation. This is why every valid scientific study that has looked into this question has reached the conclusion that the heritability of a homosexual gene is unproved. As to the morality (or immorality) of a homosexual lifestyle, society has set those standards. Initially, most of them incorporated religious standards into their laws, but over time some have changed and have become more “open minded” and less “holier than thou.” Laws have changed. And some church beliefs have changed. However, God has not changed, nor has His word. Kenneth Ready Carson City


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