Street Vibrations to continue through weekend

Shannon LitzBikers head toward Carson City Harley Davidson for Street Vibrations on Friday.

Shannon LitzBikers head toward Carson City Harley Davidson for Street Vibrations on Friday.

Scores of bikers rumbled into Carson City's Harley-Davidson Dealership on Friday and will put even more rubber on the asphalt today as a part of the area-wide Street Vibrations motorcycle festival.

Keith Caraballo was happy about a few things, and that made riding into Carson fully worth it.

"There's more of the big vendors," Caraballo said. "It's the big guys with the big trailers."

Richard Tapia, the dealership owner, aimed to wow the crowds with the vendors at this year's

Carson event.

Caraballo also said he liked the $6 margaritas. At the festivals near his town, they would cost

three times as much. "This would cost $18," he said, gesturing to his 16-ounce cup.

Caraballo, from the San Francisco Bay area, went to Virginia City before heading to Carson to feel its vibes.

"Virginia City is always cool," he said. "But on Saturday, it's crazy."

What struck Caraballo last, although certainly not least, were the stunt riders.

"We're watching these crazy dudes on the bikes," he said.

Caraballo wasn't the only one enjoying the bike show. Carsonite Vicki Hurd said she loved to watch Jason Pullen perform his tricks.

"He's awesome. Crazy but awesome," she said.

Todd Laffoon, a fellow Carsonite, agreed but said, he would do it too - if someone was paying for his medical bills and for parts on his bikes.

"It's a little different when you have to fix (and pay for) the bike (repairs) yourself," he said.

For Laffoon and Hurd, too, the vendors stuck out.

"There's a lot more vendors (than Reno,)" Laffoon said. "Downtown, there's just the one street. Here, there's two blocks worth of vendors. I think this will set a new (Street Vibrations) standard."

For Hurd, it's all about the bands playing.

"I'm going to be here (Saturday) for the Santana band (Caravanserai,)" Hurd said.

An hour after Caravanserai ends, a band Hurd said she loves, MoTown Magic, will start crooning the '70s hits.

Carson City Undersheriff Steve Albertsen said he is not worried about

the event.

"It's always a pretty good crowd here. It's a pretty mellow group," he said, adding that deputies are out and about.

"We're trying to help them keep the cars off of them (the bikers,)" he said.


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