Nevada Highway Patrol looking for cellphone law violators next week

The Nevada Highway Patrol plans a major drive to catch people illegally using cellphones while driving next week.

The initiative will run from April 22-26 targeting people using hand-held phones while driving.

A spokesman said troopers are still seeing too many drivers using their phones while on the road — either talking or texting — even though those activities became illegal more than 15 months ago.

The fine for a first offense is about $112, with a second offense costing some $192 and third time or more hitting the violator for $350. In addition, a second or added offense in a seven-year period will hit a driver with four demerits out of 12 — which could seriously affect that driver’s insurance rates.

NHP troopers issued 12,275 citations in 2012, including 32 for second-time offenders and 25 for third-time offenders.

NHP officials say the pattern is similar this year, as 2,851 citations have been issued in 2013.


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