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140 years ago

The art of beautiful coloring photographs is prosecuted by Mrs. T.J. Johnson who has a studio in the upper story of Sweeney’s Brick Building on King and Ormsby streets. Specimens we saw yesterday were delicately and cleverly touched.

130 years ago

The Comstockers are cursing the water-logged wood they are getting from Empire. The Chinese, who are playing base-ball in the East are fast learning the game. They have struck for higher wages and the short-stop has sold out two games.

100 years ago

Many Carsonites put in to Washoe Lake were catfish are biting. Some big catches were made while everyone nearly secured a mess. Within a few days the festive Catfish will be in abundance. Andy Robert managed to land about one hundred yesterday.

70 years ago

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Amodei expected to arrive from Berkeley about eight o’clock last evening for a visit with relatives and friends, did not reach their destination until 2:30 this morning. Informed in California that the road from Placerville was open for traffic, the Amodeis reached Echo Summit about 7 p.m. to find the road blocked by winter-long drifts of snow. They then had to go back to Placerville and then through Reno.

50 years ago

Max Norris caught several contestants in the Nevada Appeal ‘Win A Bike’ contest napping when he boomed into the contest lead with a total of 22,000 points. David Gamble has 15,000 points and Richard Arthur is close with 14,000 points.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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