Supervisors review redevelopment authority budget

Acting as Carson City’s Redevelopment Authority, the Board of Supervisors reviewed the authority’s $1.7 million preliminary Fiscal Year 2013-14 budget Thursday.

After spending much of the morning on other city budget considerations, supervisors adjourned as the board and returned immediately as the authority with Supervisor Karen Abowd in the chairmanship.

City Finance Director Nick Providenti gave a quick review of the spending guide, which is based mostly on property tax revenues.

Among items listed were more than $245,000 for debt service to handle matters from previous decisions, salary and benefits for parks and administrative personnel totaling $306,000, money for special events and activities totaling $115,000; the $408,000 for a Michael Hohl automotive incentive, $50,000 for the Big 5/Big Lots incentive, and $162,000 for infrastructure projects.

Part of the salary and benefits for a newly-authorized deputy city manager, yet to be hired, will come from the redevelopment authority funding as that person will in part oversee the Business Resource Innovation Center.

Providenti indicated some 37 percent of that person’s compensation would be handled by the authority.

Supervisor Jim Shirk, who previously had cast the lone vote against the hire, questioned how the BRIC allocation was determined. City Manager Larry Werner indicated he made the call on it.


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