Letters to the editor for Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013

Sharpton, Jackson and Obama fall far short of King Jr.’s ideals

In regards to Robin Christy’s letter, first, I am not a racist. Second, Obama is not our first black president ­— his mother was white. Third, you are right, race is a raging cancer — but not supported by white America.

Sharpton, Jackson and Obama are not a Martin Luther King Jr. by any means. Sharpton and Jackson do nothing for the blacks but race-bait. If you think not, where were they, Obama and the news media when a black kid shot a white mother and her kid in a stroller? Where were they when black youths beat up two white reporters, one male and one female? Lastly, where are they while black youths kill each other by the hundreds in Chicago?

I believe our so-called president is president of all the people, not just blacks.

Tim Holdsworth

Carson City

Who took down deer-crossing sign downtown? Deer need it there

Beginning a few weeks ago, a doe with tiny twin fawns have been seeking shelter at the State Capitol. Tourists and state workers alike enjoy their presence. A couple of times a day she escorts her family across Carson Street to Carson’s west side.

Nevada State Department of Transportation informed me that NDOT no longer owns or maintains this area of Carson Street. Carson City said it doesn’t have the resources to erect “deer crossing” signs, so I purchased a couple signs myself and mounted them on wire fencing, one facing south and one facing north in the median in front of the Capitol.

Someone has removed the signs. Drivers aren’t expecting deer in this area. Please put the signs back up, equally protecting drivers and the deer. Thank you.

Sallie Lincoln

Carson City

20/20 group should wait for facts before acting on downtown

So, here we go again. The 20/20 group, so named, I imagine, for their perfect vision of what is needed for the downtown Carson City area, is pushing to narrow Carson Street after their success in having the fence removed. To disagree with their views is described as lacking a myopic “vision” for the future.

While a thorough discussion should be had to discuss anything that effects the area involved, it is way too premature, in my opinion, to make any final decisions until all the facts are in. There is no imminent need to rush to a final vote by the Carson City Board of Supervisors. The largest unknown fact is what impact the completion of the Highway 395 bypass is going to have on the Carson Street traffic flow. Guesses can be made, and it is mine that traffic is going to diminish by at least half from its current level. As I have stated before, the majority of traffic moving through downtown is going elsewhere and not to the downtown area. Any reduction in traffic lanes is going to create a nightmare for those currently using that route to go north or south through the area, as well as increase traffic on side streets as commuters search for a faster route.

Waiting for all the facts is not myopic, it is just plain common sense.

David Knighton

Carson City

Animal Services’ requirement to pay immediately took away dog

On July 25, my dog got out and was turned over to the Carson City Animal Services on Butte Way. On July 26, I went in to see if he was there. I was told I would have to pay fees in excess of $100 within 72 hours or he would become their property. I asked if I could pay the fees on the 31st, and I would also pay ten dollars a day boarding fees. I was told no. Unable to come up with the money within 72 hours, he became their property.

On July 30, I called to see if he passed a test that he had to go through in order for him to be adopted. I was told that afternoon that he was no longer there and they would not provide me any information regarding their property. I was also issued a citation stating I abandoned my dog, even though I had kept in contact with them every day regarding my dog. I am now feeling lost, and I have no chance of ever getting my pet back.

He was part of our family. He belonged to my grandchildren. They are missing their pet! Our home is empty without him. I cannot believe that the staff at the animal clinic were so uncooperative and not willing to allow me a few days to get the funds together. This was the first time my dog got out, and I just can’t believe he is gone.

Jeraldine Archuleta

Carson City


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