Modernizing state's election system would cost much less than feared

Secretary of State Ross Miller said Wednesday the cost of modernizing Nevada's paper-based elections system would be about $787,000, which is much less than feared.

Miller included the cost estimate in Senate Bill 63, which would implement his proposed election system enhancements . Among the changes that will be considered by the 2013 Legislature is a replacement of the paper poll book system with electronic poll books at every voting station in the state.

The new system would provide poll workers with access to Department of Motor Vehicles photos of voters to confirm their identities. Miller said when voters don't have a DMV photo ID or license, poll workers could verify their identity by affidavit so that no one is denied the right to vote when they are eligible and registered.

"Less than $800,000 is a small price to pay to enhance and modernize our existing system," he said, adding that the cost works out to about 60 cents per Nevada voter.

"When we have the opportunity to increase access to our polling locations and further strengthen the security of our system without disenfranchising any voters, we should do so," he said.

His bill is one of several voter identification measures likely to come up during the 2013 Nevada Legislature that convenes Monday for a 120-day session.


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