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153 Years Ago

Carson City, Nevada Territory July 1860: Gov. Roop — Through a letter from Gov. Roop, we learn that a miner took four and a half pounds of gold in 19 days from the diggings near Richmond, Honey Lake Valley ... (Territorial Enterprise)

140 Years Ago

Mr. Alf Doten: One of the few known to literature as the “Lake Ports” is to be married in the middle of Lake Tahoe to Miss Mary E. C. Stoddard of Gold Hill. They are to be wed on the broad bosom of the Lake at noon.

130 Years Ago

Whiskey and rattlesnakes: At any moment, the head of a happy house may be cut off in his prime and glorious manhood. The best medical authorities agree that whiskey is the only certain cure for the venomous serpent of the Sierra. Mr. Cohoe gives his deliberate opinion that campers out should take a drink every time they run across a snake track ...

120 Years Ago

Fishy: The carp are destroying the crops about Lovelock. They are carried out in the irrigating ditches and go to browsing among the cereals and vegetables. Capt. Joe Marzen says that he doesn’t believe fish weighing from 10 to 40 pounds can travel by the carload from the river to his ranch through the small crevices in the soil ... Joe Rouse advises a bounty on carp fins to meet the emergency. (Silver State)

70 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Safeway – Blue Stamp values for summer menus: tomato juice, 9 cents; peaches, no. 2 1/2 jar, 21 cents; catsup, 14 ounce bottle, 11 cents. Blue stamp values: shrimp, 7 ounce can, 29 cents; tall can milk, 3 for 29 cents ...

50 Years Ago

Photo caption: Farm Team Champs — The Little League farm team Pirates took the championship. Pictured are Rick and John Walsh, Duane Berning, Bobby Radnick, Teddy Christian ...

30 Years Ago

Top 20 (in part): “Every Breath You Take,” “Electric Avenue,” “Flashdance,” “Never Gonna Let You Go,” “Is There Something I should Know,” “Sweet Dreams ... ”

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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