Get Healthy Carson City: Protect yourself and others during our hot season

This column appears in the Nevada Appeal Wednesday health pages. It addresses topics related to the health of our community.

With the temperature soaring in Northern Nevada this week, it’s important to remember that heat can cause some health risks. It’s still early in the summer, but our community has some hot months ahead, so now is the time to brush up on hot-weather safety with these tips:

• Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to keep your body balanced and cool. In our dry climate, sweat evaporates quickly, so it might not seem like you’re sweating as much as you are. Remember, sweating is one of the main ways our body keeps cool, and you may be losing lots of water that way.

• Seek shade. It can be much cooler in the shade, so if you’re outdoors and feeling hot, seek out a spot sheltered from the sun. You also can seek refuge from the heat in a building with air conditioning if the heat becomes too much.

• Be safe in the sun. Remember to apply sunscreen before you venture outdoors. The sun is strong here, and you can burn quickly. Avoid sunburn and the long-term health consequences of sun exposure by putting on sunscreen before you go out, and re-applying as needed while working, exercising or recreating.

• Moderate your physical activity. Working outdoors or exercising in the heat can take a toll on the body. Stay active, but don’t push yourself too hard, and remember to take breaks to cool off and rehydrate.

• Check on elderly neighbors. Seniors are particularly at risk of health problems in the heat. If you have older neighbors, check on them to make sure they are well.

• Don’t leave pets in hot vehicles. When it’s hot outside, it can become an oven in a closed vehicle. Temperatures inside a car on a hot day quickly soar well above the temperature outdoors, making the vehicle a deathtrap. Also, make sure any pets left at home have access to plenty of water.

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