Letters to the editor for Saturday, June 8, 2013

Our immigration system is broken; let’s build better one

Adding more bills to a defunct immigration bill is pure ludicrous. I can only understand it as if it were presented the following way, I am an automotive person and can only relate in the following way.

Janet Napolitano is driving a bus full of illegal immigrants and crashes and totals the bus. The present administration would like to tow it to a garage and install new fog lights and send it back on the road with Janet driving it.

The correct solution would be to send the bus to the wrecking yard, get a new bus with all the amenities for a decent ride and get a new driver.

Craig M. Lewis

Carson City

God will keep punishing us until we choose right path

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not a very religious person. To some, this will be construed as bad, to others good. That being said, I truly believe that God is punishing the United States due to its declining morality.

“But God is merciful,” cry the masses, but they seem to forget He endowed all of us with free will and we have chosen to violate all elements of morality.

We are reaping what we sowed and unless we return to following the Ten Commandments, things will only get worse.

Carmelita Raney


After Benghazi, soldiers can’t count on president’s support

When flying combat missions in Vietnam, one of the things we had confidence in was that the United States would do whatever necessary to get us back if we got shot down. For instance, I know of one search and rescue mission that got 347 sorties, individual combat missions, to support it.

Fast forward to Syria. If the United States wants to enforce a no-fly zone there, we would probably have to fly missions there. Some of us might get shot down. Now, though, Benghazi will be in the backs of fliers’ minds. If you were those fliers, how confident would you be that someone will come to get you? Or would the search and rescue be told to stand down? The military will do what it is ordered to do, as always. But how aggressive a flyer would you be in that situation?

Dave Campbell

Carson City


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