Letters to the editor for Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In Obama scandals, facts are on the side of the Republicans

Recently, a reader of the Appeal sent a letter stating that the GOP was “inventing scandals” surrounding Barack Obama. He called the latest episodes of the Obama administration “witch hunts and wild conspiracies” on the part of the Republican Party. Really?

I am sure that the parents of Ambassador Stevens and the other three brave Americans killed at Benghazi might have a different opinion. Maybe the reader believes, as does Obama, that their deaths were just “speed bumps” in the diplomatic politics of our Foreign Service outposts? The reader also states that the Associated Press scandal was just a “policy dispute” and that the IRS scandal was the fault of Tea Party organizations requesting non-profit status even though all the evidence, so far, shows that only those groups were targeted for harassment. It is truly amazing to me how some people can disregard actual facts in order to push their ideological viewpoints. Facts are what matter in politics and real life and at this point in time, all the facts are on the side of the Republicans.

Personally, I am a registered Independent, but with the amount of total balderdash coming out of the mouths of Liberal Democrats, I just might have to change my affiliation.

David Knighton

Carson City


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