Carson man pleads guilty to attempted murder in 2012 shooting outside former Toad’s Bar

A Carson City man pleaded guilty to attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon Tuesday morning for firing shots into a crowd last year, leaving a man unable to walk.

Emanuel Moreno, 22, sat in district court in a yellow jumpsuit and said yes, he had fired into the crowd in front of Toad’s Bar on March 3 last year. One of the bullets shredded the spine of 24-year-old Micah Williams.

Moreno also pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon, which carries a penalty of one to six years in prison. Attempted murder carries a range of one to 20 years.

According to testimony during the preliminary hearing in July, officers responded to a brawl involving 12 to 20 people in front of the former Toad’s Bar.

A bouncer told officers at the scene he saw Moreno pull out a pistol and fire into the fight, hitting Williams.

Sentencing was set for 9 a.m. May 7.

Man gets probation for thefts from unlocked cars

A 19-year-old Silver Springs man, arrested in October after he stole items out of unlocked cars on Christmas Tree Lane, was sentenced to three years of probation as part of a one-year suspended sentence.

Judge James Wilson ordered Samuel Mendoza to also pay $380 in restitution on an attempted theft of items valued at $250 to $2,500. Wilson was following the recommendation of the state Parole and Probation division.

“I’d like to say I’m sorry,” Mendoza said. “I’m really scared to be away from my daughter and family.”

Mendoza told deputies he, his girlfriend and his younger brother came to Carson City to burglarize unlocked vehicles. He showed deputies eight burglary locations, according to the arrest report.

ex-carson city Woman sentenced for burglary

A former Carson City woman now living in California was sentenced to a maximum of five years of probation as part of a suspended sentence.

Stacy Mendoza had been working at the Fandango Casino when she allowed her co-defendant to access players’ cards and the benefits on them, her attorney, Noel Waters, told the judge.

“My client got nothing in exchange but a felony record,” Waters said.

Mendoza told the judge she was very sorry for her poor judgment and that she would appreciate probation.

“Good luck,” Judge Wilson told her.


A 24-year-old Carson City man who kicked down the door of a residence on Hot Springs Road had his sentencing for attempted home invasion deferred in district court Tuesday morning.

Judge Wilson deferred Jason Curry’s sentencing so he could be given “the benefit of the diversion program,” Wilson said. He considered Curry’s age and lack of criminal history.

According to the arrest report, Curry kicked down the door the morning of Dec. 2.

Jordan Galloway did not appear in court for sentencing on an attempted-burglary charge Tuesday morning.

An warrant was not issued because another warrant already had been issued for his arrest, Judge Wilson told the court. Galloway’s attorney, Joey Gilbert, asked to be removed as Galloway’s counsel and said he had no idea where Galloway had gone.

“It’s a sad deal because he was really set up to succeed,” Gilbert said.

• Anthoney Harris pleaded guilty to grand larceny for taking $741 worth of merchandise from Walmart.

• Ivan Avina, 26, of Carson City pleaded not guilty on one count of domestic battery strangulation and assault with a deadly weapon.

Avina is accused of choking his girlfriend Feb. 19 and threatening her with a knife. The victim used Facebook to request that a friend call 911, according to the arrest report. His trial has been set for July 22-24.


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