Letters to the editor for Friday, May 3

Removal of fence will lead to jaywalking

How lucky the taxpayers are in Carson City. We have such a brilliant Board of Supervisors. They put up a very nice wrought iron fence along Carson Street for safety at great expense. Then before it is worn out they vote to tear it down. Forget safety.

Maybe the reason to tear it down is so they can narrow Carson Street to 2 lanes from 4 lanes and to facilitate jaywalking. Did anyone notice how traffic jammed up on Carson Street when it was recently narrowed to 3 lanes for construction? Of course that will move traffic off Carson Street to the side streets unless a driver prefers to be parked on Carson Street while trying to cross town.

Just who is this woman that wants this unique regression for travel on Carson Street? Most business people know the more traffic the better for business. It’s called exposure. Of course there is already ample parking around the corner and in the rear.

Supervisors, please reconsider forcing traffic off Carson Street and facilitating jaywalking.

Julian C. Smith

Carson City

Bible is word of God, not a guide to science

Bill, if man has been on earth for only 10,000 years, how do you explain the 25,000 year old cave drawings in France? Bill, is the earth the center of our solar system or was Galileo Galilei correct at his inquisition in 1615?

Bill, the Bible is the word of God, “Love one another as I have loved you.” The Bible is not a science text book. Bill, I want to see you do your preaching and saving of souls on Sunday as you stand in your pulpit with your colorful robes. Letters to the Editor is not the place to try to save souls.

Ken Beaton

Carson City


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