UNR gets Hamilton lab gear

Executives of Reno’s Hamilton Robotics are taking a direct route to gain insight into the expectations of their future customers.

The company, a unit of Hamilton Company, is installing automated liquid-handling stations in laboratories at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The workstations in the Hamilton Center for Laboratory Automation perform tasks in minutes that otherwise would take technicians hours — sometimes even days — to complete.

The instruments are most commonly used for the isolation, extraction, cloning and analysis of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) for all types of biological materials, including blood, bacteria cultures, cells, tissue and plants.

Jose Carle, vice-president at Hamilton Robotics, says the installation allows executives to watch how the equipment is used by the young researchers who will become Hamilton customers after graduation and helps develop a workforce for the company. Already, two doctoral graduates of UNR have gone to work for Hamilton. NNBW staff


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