Nevada DMV approves final rules for driver-privilege cards

LAS VEGAS — Immigrants living in the U.S. without legal permission can now access a Nevada state website for information on obtaining a driver’s privilege card, Department of Motor Vehicles officials said Wednesday.

Starting Jan. 2, state officials will begin accepting applications and issuing driver authorization cards to Nevada residents who can’t prove their identity to qualify for a standard driver’s license, according to the website.

The new link atop gives potential applicants details on how to apply. It was activated while a state Legislative Commission approved final rules Tuesday regarding proof of identity and residency, department spokesman David Fierro said.

State officials anticipate tens of thousands of people will apply under the program approved this year by state lawmakers and signed by Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval. It makes Nevada one of several states, including neighboring Utah and California, with programs or plans to let people obtain similar cards.

The rollout follows a public workshop in August and a public hearing earlier this month.

Department chief Troy Dillard told lawmakers that the agency would continue to make adjustments as needed, Fierro said.

Cards will cost $22.25, plus $25 for a driver’s test, and will have to be renewed every year. They can’t be used as official identification to board a commercial aircraft or enter a U.S. federal building.

The DMV plans to begin populating a list of approved translators to help people convert foreign-language documents into typed or printed documents in English.

The DMV isn’t setting a standard price for translation services, and an advisory on the website says people should provide translators photocopies of their original documents. Family members wouldn’t be able to translate documents for relatives.

Identity in Nevada can be verified with documents such as a passport, birth certificate, military identification or a federal Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood.

Residency can be proved with at least two documents such as a driver’s license from another state, a consular identification card, rent or lease receipts, public utility bills, bank statements, educational records, credit card bills or employment check stubs.


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